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My fatherís piano stool

This is a rather unusual stool. As a stool it is more ore less a failure, and yet I like it very much. I shall try to explain why. A good piano stool has to meet a number of requirements. In the case of my fatherís stool the designer must have had the following in mind:

From the images below itís apparent that the latter requirement has been met completely. Between these extreme postions the seat is analogously adjustable. This is possible because it is mounted on an big screw that emerges from the central pillar. Itís beautiful too. Almost every line is round. There are a few ornaments. Three is a good number: there are three parallel planes and three slender round legs that are broader in the middle than at the ends. At the ends they bear brass rings as ornaments. The contacts with the floor are three round knobs. Itís strong: four pillars, a thick one in the centre and three at the periphery, united by two horizotal boards are suffcient to receive any pianist. Itís modest too. It does not steal the attention, because of its black colour and the modesty of the ornamentation. Nevertheless, in spite of all this qualities, it is a failure. For it is top-heavy. There are only three contacts with the floor, relatively close together, and the mass of the upper board ande the seat are disproportionally high. So it topples allthe time. But I like it very much.

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